Buenos Aires Jewish Heritage Tour

Half or full-day tour
Best on a working day morning
Also possible during the weekend (without visiting synagogues or institutions).

Discover Jewish life in Buenos Aires, its importance, richness and diversity, through the eyes of a local Jewish guide.
An unique tour by car discovering the Jewish roots in town and in Argentina in general, offering insight information on our main institutions, synagogues and historic landmarks, including an optional visit inside the AMIA (Federation), to see the wonderful monument by Agam as well as various remembarance plaques and murals, a visit inside the Libertad synaogue, the first congregation in the country and the austere but meaningful memorial where once stood the Embassy of Israel, not forgetting to drive you around Once, the most important Jewish quarter, to see its hectic commercial activity and its residential area full of yeshivot, synagogues, Jewish schools and kosher restaurants.
As we go on this individual/group visit, we’ll share with you a sensitive look towards the local Jewish community sites, symbols and institutions, its history, present features and relevant events. Get to know the highlights of Jewish immigrants from Europe, their settlement in these lands more than a 100 years ago, and their descendants’ present way of life. Receive insight on both massive terrorist attacks we suffered in the 90’s. 
In order to include the optional visit to the AMIA – Jewish Federation -, participants are requested some personal info, in advance, for security purposes.

City Tours

Non-traditional, historical-cultural city tours. A tailored, private /group experience to see the city through the eyes of a local guide. My city tours have a cultural and historic twist and can be adapted to your interests and pace. Local landmarks like La Boca, May Square and the Government Palace, the Obelisk, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Colon Theatre, old and new Puerto Madero, elegant Recoleta with its historic cemetery, Palermo Park and its posh residential areas or trendy Palermo Soho, together with insight information and anecdotes are part of these interesting outings.

Half-day or full-day
Every day, in the morning or afternoon

Buenos Aires Just Synagogues Tour - NEW!!!

Week days in the morning.

Come discover these 4 iconic treasures scattered in different areas of Buenos Aires, admire their architecture, learn how they started and how they function today. Because my general, 4-hour Jewish Heritage Tour can’t include a variety of them, I’m offering this new outing covering Orthodox, Sephardic and Conservative temples. A 3-hour guided itinerary by car or van visiting 4 active synagogues and their surrounding areas, including hotel, cruise terminal or apartment pick-up and drop-off.
Some garment and security requirements apply.

Buenos Aires Walking Tours

This is an interesting way of seeing some of the city’s most important areas in greater detail. Come enjoy great views, wide boulevards and monuments at Recoleta or Palermo, or walk along the historic areas downtown, have a closer look at different architectural styles, 19th Century palaces and get to know the transformations these sites have undergone along the years. Tours are 3-hour long. We set a meeting point according to the area selected, or meet you at your hotel and start from there, so that you become familiar with its surroundings and get your bearings. We may use public transportation, not included in the tour rate.

Every day.
Morning or afternoon.

Night Tours

Every night.
Hotel or restaurant pick-up.

Enjoy this 2-hour long tour by car or van to see Buenos Aires’ most famous skyline views and monuments, as we drive you along Puerto Madero, an exquisite former port location, upscale Palermo Park, with its wide boulevards and posh residential areas, and show you the downtown landmarks, now quiet after a day’s hectic activity.

San Telmo Market and Feria de Mataderos

Tour San Telmo, one of the city’s oldest quarter, featuring an astonishing flea and antiques market, also the oldest fresh-products market still opened in town. You’ll also enjoy street tango performances, street art, crafts and typical “empanadas” along its cobblestone streets where you’ll have to literally avoid street vendors to keep walking!
Located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires (a 40-minute drive from downtown), Feria de Mataderos is the ultimate outdoor gaucho market where rural culture comes to life. You’ll see actual “gauchos” dressed in their typical costumes, dancing to the tunes of folk music or tango on the street, exquisite grilled meats and typical local food stands, artisans at work showing their products and assorted, unique arts & crafts.

Half or full-day tour.
Feria de Mataderos: Every Sunday, from March to December, from 11 am to 8 pm.
San Telmo: Every Sunday, from 11 am, all year around. This site is included in my Sunday city tours.

Evita’s Tour

Half-day tour.
Every day.
The visit to her grave at the Recoleta Cemetery is included in my regular city tour.

An interesting insight to this Argentinean Cinderella who has marked our history so intensively. Get to know her life history; her worshipers and detractors, see the area where she lived as a first lady and the famous balcony downtown where she used to come out to. This tour includes visiting “Museo Evita” (Eva Peron’s Museum, closed on Mondays), her site at the Recoleta Cemetery and many other key ones related to her life.

Don’t waste your disembarking/arrival day!

If you have some hours in town before or after your cruise or group trip, we can pick you up upon disembarking, tour with you during the day and drop you off at the airport for your departure, or vice versa. Please, let me have your travel details and interests, so that I can suggest a plan for you.

Every day.
Morning or afternoon.