“Buenos Aires’ synagogue views by Arch. and Artist Ben Levinson, Victoria, Canada, who actually drew these sketches while touring with me and his wife. I’m grateful to Ben for sharing his original work with me.”     

Because Buenos Aires is such a spread out city, we offer “tailored”, city and Jewish private visits in English and Spanish, according to your interests and pace, covering both the highlights, as well as those unique and off-the-beaten track sites.

If this is your first visit to Buenos Aires, ideally, I’d recommend taking at least a half-day or a full-day city tour and my Jewish Heritage Tour or another thematic one, so as to have enough time to cover the many attractions Buenos Aires has to offer… However, as things are sometimes far from ideal, I’m flexible and can accommodate to your time in town, to make the most of it!

Although we have suggested itineraries, they are not fixed. As we go at your pace, we can avoid places, assign more time to those you prefer, or just stop to buy that item that caught your attention!!! We can help you order a meal, shop for your family back home, buy a subway ticket, local music, street art, antiques, stop for a cappuccino… The possibilities are many!