Full-day, Combined Tour

Full-day tour
Every day.

Your 4-hour city tour or Jewish Heritage Tour can be turned into a full-day, combined tour for 6 hours, by adding the sites of your preference along the way, should you not have an extra day in town to enjoy them separately.
Some garment and security requirements apply.

El Tigre and the Northern suburbs

A day-trip to El Tigre (a 35-minute ride out of town), a location along the Paraná river delta, for great river views, visiting the “Puerto de Frutos”, a typical market by the river, and Buenos Aires’ northern suburbs along shady and quiet areas. This tour can include a stop for lunch in a nice spot next to the river and/or a boat ride for 1½ hour along the river delta, where many locals have their week-end retreats.
The boat tickets and meal are not included in the tour rate.

Full-day tour

San Telmo Market and Feria de Mataderos

Full-day tour.
San Telmo: Every Sunday, from 11 am, all year around. This site is part of my Sunday city tour.
Feria de Mataderos: Every Sunday, from March to December, from 11 am to 8 pm.

Tour San Telmo, one of the city’s oldest quarter, featuring an astonishing flea and antiques market, also the oldest fresh-products market still open in town. You’ll also enjoy street tango performances, street art, crafts and typical “empanadas” along its cobblestone streets.

Located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires (a 40-minute drive from downtown), Feria de Mataderos” is the ultimate outdoor gaucho market where rural culture comes to life. You’ll see actual “gauchos” dressed in their typical costumes, dancing to the tunes of folk music or tango on the street, exquisite grilled meats and typical local food stands, artisans at work showing their products and assorted, unique arts & crafts.

El Tigre Nature - Immersion Tour

Enjoy a relaxing day at a private, week-end home in a river delta island, a private experience a 20-minute boat ride from the El Tigre Boat Station. You’ll be hosted by the actual owners, who will share their wonderful premises with you and guide you along as you wander around enjoying beautiful river sights, profuse vegertation or treat yourself to a relaxing nap on a Paraguayan hammock. This outing includes a tasteful barbecue lunch and a typical “merienda” (afternoon bite), transportation, car visit to El Tigre and the round trip boat ride.

Full-day tour (8 hours long)