My name is Mirta Jajam Waitzman, a private Jewish guide in Buenos Aires.
As a personal note, I can tell you that I have settled in Buenos Aires after coming back from an exchange program in Michigan, USA, and have lived here ever since. I have never lost the strong bonds that link my family and me with the province of Entre Rios (where my husband and I were born) and Israel where, we have relatives and friends. My professional background as a Spanish-English translator has given me the tools for this tourist project.

We started this cultural tourism project in 2002, having hosted several missions from the World Jewish Congress, scholars from the Jerusalem Hebrew University and independent tourists from USA, Canada, South Africa and Great Britain. We have traveled extensively around Latin America, the States and Canada, South Africa, Israel, Russia, China and many European countries. Being frequent travelers ourselves, we have devised outings with a very personal touch, tailored visits that take into account tourists’ interests and timing, something we enjoy when visiting new places.

Mirta’s background information

Mirta Jajam Waitzman is a granddaughter of Jewish settlers who arrived to Argentina from Ukraine and settled in an agricultural colony inland Argentina, by the end of 19th century.
Born in Entre Ríos province, she belongs to a deeply-rooted family, highly involved with Jewish community life. She completed studies in Buenos Aires and in the United States. She graduated as an English Translator and, as such, she has performed professional work for various national and multi-national companies and institutions. She has also translated into Spanish more than ten books of scientific and economic nature that have been published in Spain and Latin America. She has completed courses on Art History and Scientific Journalism.
At present, she is devoted to Cultural Tourism in the City of Buenos Aires and to the spreading of Buenos Aires deeply-rooted Jewish history within the city’s cultural and institutional framework.
Mirta is married to Luis Waitzman, a volunteer activist at the Argentine Zionist Federation and both belong to B’nai B’rith Argentina, they have two daughters and a son.