Why choosing us?


More than 15 years of planning and guiding private itineraries in Buenos Aires for all audiences have given me the right background to make your trip a special one.


I take into account your special interests and needs, can devote more time to the sites of your preference and accommodate to your time and pace. We can relax and continue talking over a cup of coffee or have a bite in the car for the sake of time...

Personal Touch

My visits have a cultural and historic twist which, together with my communication and language skills, enable me to offer you and your party vivid outings that will linger in your memory long after you have returned home.

Welcome to Buenos Aires

The vibrancy of South America’s most cosmopolitan city is matched only by the warmth of its residents. Truly a world-class destination, Buenos Aires holds myriad treasures just waiting to be discovered. We will, of course, show you everything for which our incredible city is known to tourists. And, as Porteños, (Buenos Aires natives), we will make sure you experience the real Buenos Aires – a city of lights and
passion and love and intrigue – including the secrets and surprises that most tourists do not see. We look forward to sharing with you the wonders of our city.

The Pulse of the City

Tango, Evita, beef, soccer… make you think immediately of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, but there is much more to it than that!!!

A world-class Opera House, open-air markets and fairs, hectic night life, street cafes, friendly people, historical and strikingly modern buildings, French-style avenues and parks, trendy neighborhoods, 19th and early 20th century buildings refurbished into ultra-new establishments and shopping centers, street crafts, an intense artistic and cultural life… just some examples of what’s waiting for you at this cosmopolitan and bohemian city.

More than 11 million people live in its metropolitan area and its surroundings. It’s a city with plenty of traditions and historic spots, yet it manages to include a dynamic, urban atmosphere that accounts for its unique style.

Having been developed by immigrants from different cultures and countries (mainly European ones), the city’s layout and architecture reflect that European style which, when mingled with local flair and passion, turn this into an unforgettable city.

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